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Professional Digital Photo Editing Services

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No need to spend hundreds — or thousands — of dollars getting a great corporate headshot.  With Pix Perfection, you can take a photo against any plain (or mostly plain) wall in your house, upload it to us, and we’ll fix the lighting, crop it beautifully and change the background.  You’ll get your final photo back in about a day.

Photos with a transparent background (we remove the background) are great for entrepreneurs and business owners, or anyone who wants more creative control over their graphics.

With a transparent background, you can place your image on any background you want.  We even have free digital video training to show you how!


Get a perfect U.S. passport photo fast and easy.  Passport photos must be on a plain white background and be cropped to the proper size and facial dimension.

Take your own photo, upload it, and get your final printable passport photos back in a few hours.

Be sure to take a photo that follows the US passport office guidelines (for example, no glasses, neutral expression, etc.) and we’ll ensure the picture meets the resolution, print size and quality requirements.

*Price does not include printing, see full product description.  

Professional digital photo retouching is a great option in so many situations!  Maybe you have a picture you love, but you wish your had some make up on…. maybe the lighting isn’t quite right. Or maybe you had some blemishes that day.  No worries!

With our professional digital photo retouching, we can remove all those pesky problems while keeping you looking like you.