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 †Note that our database is set to accommodate one image per order.  If you have a bulk order [multiple images you’d like edited], please email us directly at info@pixperfection.com for a quote on bulk orders and to coordinate.

1. Select your service

2. Pay via paypal, credit cards accepted

3. Upload your photo using our easy form

4. Receive finished photo via email in about a day

Tips for Taking Your Photo:


If possible, try to avoid very harsh lighting when taking your photos.  Outside on a cloudy day is usually ideal as there are no shadows.

If you wear glasses, try to position yourself to minimize reflection on your glasses.

Upload high resolution (full size) image with no compression (like if you take a photo with your phone and go to email it, it’ll ask if you want to send the file small, medium, large or full size).  Always choose “full size.”




Ideally, the file is at least 4″ x 6″ at 300 dpi. [if you are unsure about the file type, size or resolution, feel free to email  your question(s) to us at info@pixperfection.com

File types accepted:  JPG, PNG, TIFF

Be sure to use an email address which you check regularly, and which can receive attachments.

Headshots & Profile Pictures Image Retouch

Great for corporate headshots, LinkedIn profiles, Facebook profiles, resumes and business cards as well as any type of marketing materials.  Use online or on printed matter.


Just tell us what you’d like, and we’ll handle the rest.

$64 each

Easy Passport Photos

Use a selfie-stick to take your own picture, or ask a friend to take the picture.  We’ll crop it, resize it, improve the lighting if needed and place you on the perfect white background.

*Important:  Follow US Department of State guidelines for passport photos.

You will receive one 4″ x 6″ image file containing two passport photos, which you can then upload (or bring) to your local store that offers photo printing (like CVS, WalMart, Walgreens, etc. where prints usually cost about 39 cents.

$13 each

Transparent Background w/ Image Retouch

Entrepreneurs and online business owners know that having great photos on a transparent background [PNG file type] is critical to creating marketing graphics.

These can be headshots, full-body shots in various poses, or anything in between.

We’ll lift your image off the background and provide you with the image file on a transparent background so you can create all the creative graphics you want for: social media, business cards, brochures, book covers, flyers, PDF documents and more!

$71 each