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Refund Policy


As our products are service oriented and performed digitally, we do not accept returns.  We will work with you to ensure you are satisfied.



We provide dedicated service and our goal is to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations 100% of the time.  However, we recognize that there are times when unforeseen circumstances may interfere with the delivery of our service after the customer has paid for our service.

The following are examples of service problems that would constitute a full refund:

  • Payment is submitted and processed however we are unable to receive the file to perform the work.
  • The file we receive is of a type or resolution that renders our service impossible.
  • Any other reason that makes us unable to edit your photo and return it to you.

In order to initiate a refund, you must contact us within 7 days of submitting payment.  Notify us by emailing

Approved refunds will be processed to the original method of payment within 5 days.

If the requested refund is the result of a customer-problem  such as Pix Perfection being unable to provide service due to the file type or quality of the image provided to us (for example, the file is not high enough resolution to perform the necessary digital editing), a return service fee of 4% of the total price paid will be collected to cover the payment processing fees associated with the order.  To avoid this, we’ll work with you to try to get the correct file type and resolution so that we may fulfill on our commitment to you.

To check on the status of your refund, please first check with your bank the original payment method to determine if the refund is in pending vs. posted mode.   If after 10 days of being granted the refund, you still have not received your refund, please feel welcome to contact us at





Thank You!