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Passport Photo


Fast and easy passport photos.


Fast and easy passport photo.  Take your shoulders-and-up headshot against any plain wall in your home and we will ensure the background is pure white and cropped to meet US Passport dimensions.  We’ll send you your passport photos back to you via email and you may print them at any photo printing kiosk (CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, etc.),  The cost of printing your photo is separate, you pay that directly when you print your photos.

Click here ==>  United States Passport Photo Requirements

NOTE: This service is to put your image on a pure white background and crop it to proper dimensions, and place it on the proper size file for printing 4 passport images on one 4×6 size photo. (See Example of the 4-up print below, which is what you will receive digitally.)

4 passport photosOnce you receive your image file, just upload it to your favorite photo printing service or kiosk, and print ONE 4×6 print, which will give you 4 passport photos.  You then just cut your passport photos apart and attach them to your passport paperwork.  You need to provide two photos, which is why we place four (4)  photos on one 4×6 for printing. 

Many printing services will allow you to pick them up in person in about an hour, or you can have them mailed to you.  Check print and delivery times with your local provider.  Common photo kiosk printers: CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, Target, and Rite Aid.





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