About Us

We are avid photographers, web designers and digital marketers. We know how important it is to have a professional, appealing profile picture. Some folks are just naturally photogenic, and others (like the person writing this!!!!) are a little less comfortable when the camera comes out. Often, stressing over make up, skin flaws, photo settings makes us tighter and even more unnatural in front of the camera.

I have to really work hard to get a great photo of myself. I have to put on the "make up mask" in order to get flawless skin. I have to put on more make up than I normally wear even on a special occasion - almost like stage make up - unless you over do it, the camera doesn't notice it. I have to struggle to not crack up as I try to make a serious, yet relaxed face, and remember to keep my eyes open. And of course, find the right spot on the camera to look so I don't look cross-eyed.

It's a lot of work.

But now, it's all easier. I can care for much of this digitally….. ah, life just got so much simpler. And since I spend so much time working from my home office, in my yoga pants with my hair in a pony-tail, my digital image has to represent!

We are honored to share our love of beautiful photos, and our unique talent for digital photo editing with you - to make your images perfect, every time!